Victims Information
Domestic Violence
Help for Victims

It is the policy of the La Verne Police Department to respond to all calls involving domestic violence. If you believe you are the victim of domestic violence, call the police department. The La Verne Police Department is committed to helping you. Domestic violence is a complex and serious issue which needs to be resolved and ended. The La Verne Police Department will make a report of all domestic violence incidents responded to even if the victim does not request an arrest or prosecution.

Shelters, Safe Houses, Support Groups, Outreach Programs:

  • House of Ruth: (909) 988-5559 - 24 Hour Hotline -
  • Y.W.C.A. Wings: (626) 967-0658 - 24 Hour Hotline -
  • Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-978-3600
  • Info Line for Los Angeles County : (626) 350-6833
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE