Message from the Chief
Nick Paz, Chief of Police
Nick Paz, Chief of Police

As technology advances at a furious pace it impacts our way of life and promotes constant change in everyday life. Along with these changes, comes the need to keep up with these demands and provide a safe environment for the residents of La Verne.

Our employees are committed to constantly keeping up to date on current crime trends and technological advances that provide us an upper hand in fighting crime. Our policies are also a reflection of these changing times and mirror the changes in societal norms and expectations.

We are committed to the community and we welcome transparency through partnerships with our citizenry. La Verne is committed to expanding community interaction by providing a variety of programs that educate and promote dialogue between the community and police personnel. These programs are intended to strengthen the bond between the community and the police department by promoting a union of reciprocal communication that can assist us in fighting crime, keeping La Verne a safe community, and the ability to provide the residents with the highest level of law enforcement services.

Our best tool in fighting crime is a well-informed community willing to provide information and report suspicious activity in their respective neighborhoods. There is no one better who knows what belongs in their neighborhood than the people who live there. It is imperative that we get to know each other and protect one another by being willing to "say something when you see something".

We strive to provide information as fast as possible through a variety of social media platforms and keep our citizenry updated on pertinent events and items of interest.

We promote professionalism and ask that our personnel go above and beyond whenever possible. We endeavor to hire the cream of the crop and will not substitute quantity for quality.

Chief Nick Paz

As part of our commitment to the citizens of La Verne, the following Organizational Values was created by the members of the La Verne Police Department:


We recognize our responsibility to ensure a safe environment for our community with the highest sense of commitment, perspective, and conduct.

We uphold honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical behavior within our organization.


We value the need for the efficient use of our resources and shall demonstrate fiscal responsibility.

We value open communication with our citizens and hold ourselves accountable for our conduct. 


We strive to recognize new ideas and resources which are progressive and visionary

We build upon this vision by recognizing opportunities that allow for a more innovative, effective, and efficient level of service to our community


We stand firm in our allegiance to the duties to which we have been entrusted.

We dedicate our course of thought and action towards the highest level of service to our community.


We will provide fair and courteous service with respect for the dignity and rights of all we serve.

We are committed to a tradition of excellence and continually strive to improve the quality of life for all members of this community.