Crime Prevention
Operation ID
What is Operation ID?

Operation Identification is a program designed to assist the home and business owner in properly marking and recording their valuables.

Through the use of engravers loaned to the public by our Department, an identifying number (usually a Drivers' License Number) is engraved on all valuable property.

The property owner then maintains a current record of their belongings that could be used to identify the property if it was ever stolen and subsequently recovered.

The La Verne Police Department will loan an engraver to La Verne residents free of charge for a period of one week. Residents must bring a valid California Drivers' License or California Identification Card to the La Verne Police Department and complete an Engraver Loan Agreement. You will also be given an Inventory Form to be used to record your engraved property.

Engravers are available for loan at the La Verne Police Department front counter, Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.