Crime Prevention
Children's Fingerprinting
About Fingerpainting

In an effort to keep children in La Verne safe, the La Verne Police Department Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) group offers free children's fingerprinting. A photo is taken of the child along with digital prints of each finger. The photo and prints are given to the parent/guardian to keep. If the child is lost or missing, the photo and print card are then brought to the police to help with identification.

We offer free children's fingerprinting at our "National Night Out Against Crime" event which is held on the first Tuesday evening in August. We also provide free children's fingerprinting at the La Verne Public Safety "Open House" which is generally held annually in October.

There may be other civic events during the year where we will conduct free children's fingerprinting. Watch your newspapers or this website for information about upcoming events.

For groups of 10 or more children, arrangements can be made for this free fingerprinting service. To inquire about fingerprinting for your group, please contact the Crime Prevention Office at La Verne Police Department at (909) 596-1913, or e-mail.