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Daily Logs
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Crime Reports - Legend

10851 VC                  Stolen Vehicle Report
166.4PC COURT        Court Order Violaton Report
245PC                       ADW Assault w/ Deadly Weapon
459PC                       VEH/BURG Burlary Vehicle Report
470 PC FRAUD           Fraud Report
487 PC                      Grand Theft Report
594PC VANDALISM     Vandalism Report
602PC                       Trespassing Report
653M PC                   Annoying / Threatening Telephone Calls
911 INVEST               911 Investigation
BATTERY IP                Battery In Progress
DISTURB UNK            Unknown Disturbance
FIGHT IP                    Fight In Progress
PDOBS                       Police Department Observed Suspicious Circumstances
PETTYTHEFTIP            Petty Theft In Progress
PPI                             Impounded Vehicle Private Party
REPO                         Vehicle Repossession
SUSP CIRCS               Suspicious Circumstances
SUSP SUBJ                Suspicious Subjects
SUSP VEH                  Suspicious Vehicle
TC HIT RUN INJ          Traffic Collision Accident, Hit and Run - Injuries
TC HR NON INJ           Traffic Collision Accident, Hit and Run - Non Injuries
TC INJURY                  Traffic Collision - Injury
TC NON INJURY          Traffic Collision - Non Injury
WARRANT                  SRV Warrant Service / Attempt